Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Can Can!!!

I've had the book Stocking Up by Carol Hupping for the past 30 years. It is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who needs to learn the art of food preservation. With info on canning, recipes, building a root cellar, fermenting and freezing, it is the ultimate guide save for the Ball Blue Book of Canning.

Although I have always wanted to can food, I was afraid that I'd do it wrong and kill us all. I used it mostly for the freezing method. Then I set it aside. For years and years.

One weekend last summer I was at a yard sale (when am I not, right?) and found a canner with all the accoutrement's. The agate pot with the basket rack to lower the jars, the lid and the steamer rack. For $6, I thought, why not? A few jars and some fresh produce and I could try.

That was last year and like the book, I put it aside.

Then I got the bug. For some reason this year, I decided to make some sauce. Then some pickles. Then salsa. Then tomato jam from a recipe from Now I am hooked!

The woman from Food in Jars is from Philly and teaches classes. I'm looking to get a group together and have a lesson from her in the spring. Interested my foodie friends? Space is limited!

I know the proof will be in the pudding, er' the sauce and all the other stuff, but so far, jars have sealed and they look wonderful!