Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top Farmers' Markets in the US - Do you have a favorite?

Just released from the American Farmland Trust is the list of the top 20 Farmers' Markets in the country. Divided into three catagories - small, medium and large, the markets are varied across the country.

It is interesting to see how Pennsylvania had four markets in the list, with three on the small list and one on the large. Not too shabby, huh?

Do you have a favorite that you visit?

In the next few installments when I get my wireless network enabled or unscrewed up at home, I'll be doing some reviews of local farm stands in my area. I'm still doing research, which in my opinion is the best part. Do you have any I should check out? Post them to my comments section!

I'm all about being a locavore and eating as close to the source as possible, although I do enjoy foods from all over, I think taking into consideration that there are so many sources for great, delicious food right in my own backyard is rather comforting. Now, we just have to keep it that way!

Here's a link to the top 20!


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  1. I don't know how large an area you'd like to travel for your reviews, Rose, but you might like to visit Willow Creek Orchards near us in Worcester, PA. They've been certified organic for a couple of years now and have gotten better every year. We have mentioned Tabora Farm to the owner, Melissa Smith, who said several people have referred her to them and she fully intended to go sometime. Being a farmer though, who had time?