Sunday, November 1, 2009


Typically, I don't post on weekends, and I try and stay on the topic of food in this blog, but as fate would have it...I have to pass along this info regarding my friend Bryan's shop.

Bryan started a modern general store about four years ago in the historic village of Springtown, called Almanac. The shop is an eclectic mix of some of most out of the ordinary and delightful giftware I've ever seen. About two years ago, he broke into a small room in the old building he rents and put in a small "food or gourmet" section - so in reality, I'm staying on topic here - and offers his shoppers the opportunity to purchase items you may have to travel quite a ways to find.

Due to some odd circumstances with his landlord and a new tenant, he is being forced to leave before he anticipated in mid-2010. He is now in the midst of selling his wares at a discounted rate and I wanted to let you know of his sale.

It will be sad to see Bryan leave Springtown and before I get too teary-eyed about it, I am happy for him and his future. He's moving onto something positive and I'm sure will do well with his new venture. I wish him well and many hugs to sustain him through the transformation from retailer to yoga teacher for those with special needs!

Check out his postcard for details on his final sale! GREAT HOLIDAY SHOPPING, FOLKS!!!

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  1. Oh, no! We LOVE Almanac, and visited for the first time right after he opened. Well, we're glad to hear Bryan has plans for a positive new beginning. We'll make it a point to stop by before he closes this lovely little store. Thanks for letting us know.