Monday, April 5, 2010

Been Awhile...

About two weeks ago a group of us went to see Lily Tomlin at a local theater here in Easton, PA. For a group of busy friends, it had been a while for us to get together and it was a perfect occassion to go out and have dinner and spend time before the show catching up.

We went to a restaurant called Sogo Fusion in downtown Easton, not far from the theater. A recognized sushi restaurant, the menu is diversse enough for those of us not interested in consuming raw fish; offering Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes.

I had a wonderfully flavored Hot and Sour Soup to start the meal, but I admit to being a wimp when it comes to the 'hot' part, but it was still delicious. My meal consisted of an appetizer of tempura with two large prawns, zucchini, green pepper and a scrumptious sweet potato all fried in panko breadcrumbs with a wonderful dipping sauce. Along with the appetizer, I had an Alaska roll with smoked salmon, cucumber and avacado. It was moiste and sweet, salty and offered crunch.


My dinner partners had a variety of menu items, including an edemame appetizer, mushroom soup, dumpling soup, Japanese sauteed udon, house sushi platter and a vegetable sushi platter.

Dumpling Soup

House Special Sushi

Japanese Udon

Asparagus Rolls

Veggie Sushi

My friends all have a sense of adventure and that makes trying a place like Sogo fun and interesting. There wasn't a bad word about the food all evening and we even talked about going back. Sharing that adventure with this group made the night all the more special. Let's hope it won't be awhile before we do it again!

BTW - Lily Tomlin was AWESOME!!!

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