Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Can Can!!!

I've had the book Stocking Up by Carol Hupping for the past 30 years. It is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who needs to learn the art of food preservation. With info on canning, recipes, building a root cellar, fermenting and freezing, it is the ultimate guide save for the Ball Blue Book of Canning.

Although I have always wanted to can food, I was afraid that I'd do it wrong and kill us all. I used it mostly for the freezing method. Then I set it aside. For years and years.

One weekend last summer I was at a yard sale (when am I not, right?) and found a canner with all the accoutrement's. The agate pot with the basket rack to lower the jars, the lid and the steamer rack. For $6, I thought, why not? A few jars and some fresh produce and I could try.

That was last year and like the book, I put it aside.

Then I got the bug. For some reason this year, I decided to make some sauce. Then some pickles. Then salsa. Then tomato jam from a recipe from Now I am hooked!

The woman from Food in Jars is from Philly and teaches classes. I'm looking to get a group together and have a lesson from her in the spring. Interested my foodie friends? Space is limited!

I know the proof will be in the pudding, er' the sauce and all the other stuff, but so far, jars have sealed and they look wonderful!

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  1. LOVE this! And yes, the jars DO look wonderful! It reminds me of growing up in my gram's kitchen, where she did so much canning. Seems like she was always canning something, even out of harvest season. I realize now it was probably meat from one of the pigs or cows or chickens, and it was to save money because they didn't have much of it. But man, NO ONE ever went hungry around that house, not even during the Great Depression. Thanks for sharing this, and the memories it brought up!