Friday, September 11, 2009

My Friends Are Creative Cooks! A Successful Tomato Party

We had a wonderful Tomato Harvest Party and people are still talking about it! Nice weather, nice crowd of friends, great food. Couldn't ask for more!

Here's a lowdown on the food:

Ravioli in a no-cook tomato sauce
Veggie Lasagna
Tomato Pie
Edemame Hummus
Salsa-Cream Cheese dip
Tomato Salad
Cucumber & Tomato Salad with Onions in Sour Cream
Deviled Eggs with Sundried Tomatoes
Two kinds of Gazpacho
Burgers and dogs
and for dessert...
Green Tomato Cake - this was very similar to zucchini bread and had a substantial amount of chopped green tomatoes - excellent!!!
Tomato/Lemon Cake - made in a tube pan with tomato and lemon juice - very good
Red Tomato Upside-down Cake - tomatoes in place of the pineapple
Chocolate Tomato Cake - tomato juice used for liquid -

This was amazing food and I'm sure I missed something! Next year we'll have to do something with like cucumbers or corn. Tomatoes seemed a bit too easy!

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