Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not Why I Collect Corks, But A Great Idea, Too...

People ask me why when I open a bottle of wine, when I toss a cork into a large lidded jar at home where I keep them, what I'm saving them for. I usally tell them I'm making a boat. Typically the answer is followed by an "ahhhh..." with a nodding head, then the questions start.

My friend Patti gave me a book to read called Cork Boat, by John Pollack. Here is the Amazon page where you can read a synopsis of the book.


It is my all-time favorite book! A page-turner! Couldn't put it down!

So, my collection of corks is for something...maybe a boat, maybe not...but it sure is a conversation starter and brings the memory of the book back every time!

Here's an idea I just found from the LA Times off of Food News Journal.


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