Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wegmans - Please come to Quakertown!

I have been pining away for a Wegmans grocery store in Quakertown for about 11 years; since my first foray into their 'Marketplace' when I worked for Aetna in Allentown all that many years ago.

They have some of the freshest take out food and a variety of products that outshines most food courts! Their store section is wonderful and if you stay out of the Marketplace area, you don't spend anymore money than at any other grocery store.

It's that Marketplace that can set you back about $40-$50 or more for a quick and easy dinner idea! But, oh what great food they have! Took my sister who lives in Maine, to the one in Allentown for a field trip when she visited once. She, like me was way over stimulated on her first visit.

They have sushi, a Chinese buffet, a submarine sandwich station, pizza counter, a bakery that is simply overwhelming, a hot bar, a salad bar and a deli. There is also a cheese counter with chunks of cheese from all over the globe, an olive and pickle bain marie and fresh meats and seafood galore. In some of these places, you can get beer in PA. Of course this is well controlled with limits and can only be purchased in the Marketplace with ID.

As for produce...this is awesome at Wegmans. Both local and in season like peaches, apples, corn and tomatoes and non-local like truffles, cheramoyas, star fruit and fresh figs.

Have you shopped at a Wegmans? Every time I have, their employees have been helpful, kind and cheerful. A friend of mine told me you can take expired coupons to them and they'll give you the amount off, regardless! How cool is that for a grocery store?

I'm not getting any kickbacks nor am I trying to advertise for them, but wishing they'd open one closer to me. I like the variety and would even consider working there since they are listed as one of the best places to work - 13 years in a row!

I'd just like to have the opportunity to shop at a place that treats their employees well, has great variety and is concientous about their service.

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