Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden of Poison?

My brother-in-law put in raised garden beds last year at the property our families share. Since I wound up diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 12 years ago, it has been extremely difficult to garden and I’ve pretty much done my gardens in, getting rid of the plants and turning them back to lawn and haven’t done much in the way of vegetable gardening in years. Just too difficult and painful, but boy, do I miss it!

So, I was excited this year to try my hand at it again and conferred with the family what they wanted and just went out and purchased the plants and seeds, planting beets and lettuce, tomatoes and Swiss chard – which I’m not too crazy about, but the potbelly pigs enjoy it.

My lettuce has bolted, but up until last week we’ve been cutting the wonderful garden greens for salads and I just read this interesting passage in the NYTimes blog called the Starter Garden, by Michael Tortorello this week that provoked some thoughts.

I’m always careful about what I eat and if I’m in doubt, I throw it out!

More on my veggie gardening later.

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