Monday, July 27, 2009


Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? What a great month for ice cream! Come to think of it, isn’t any month great for ice cream? In fact, any time of day or night is right for ice cream.

My goal here is to hopefully encourage you to get your fair share of the frozen cream stuff and make these last four and a half days of July, all they were meant to be with a frozen treat!

I am a lover of premium ice cream and not that soft-serve stuff, but in a pinch, I’ll settle the craving with a small vanilla cone.

My first nine years of life were spent living in a development in Hatboro, PA, where all the cute Cape Cod style homes looked like carbon copies of one another. This was a neighborhood full of kids all summer long and the tinkling bells of the Ice Cream Man’s truck was a sound we looked forward to every afternoon. I’m sure you can take a walk down memory lane and recall this if you lived in a suburban sub-division, like I did.

For blocks you could hear his bell ring and the closer he came to our neighborhood, the more panic stricken we became. Seeing that white truck turn the corner, kids all over the neighborhood were jumping out of trees, abandoning games of hide and seek and jumping out of the trendy, Sears above ground swimming pools, leaving streams of water splashing and wet footprints trailing along the sidewalks heading home to mothers being begged for that quarter to buy and ice cream cone or fudgikcle on a stick.

With a cool treat on a hot summer afternoon, neighborhood kids took a break on the curb and were able to relax, regroup and get charged up with just enough sugar and chocolate to keep us running till dinner time.

Just up the street from the local drive-in where they serve the frozen custard and malteds, opened a small batch ice creamery and store. The place is called OWOWCOW…I thought it was an odd name till I said it a few times and found it rolls off the tongue.

Located at the intersection of Routes 412 and 563 where that new traffic light was installed, it sits next to the new hunting and fishing store. A small brick building with a large storefront window.
We stopped by after dinner the other night and OH WOW!!! Brightly lit and colorful, it conveys a playfulness that is associated with kids and ice cream. This place is awesome! They have some interesting flavors such as Tiramisu, Banana, Mango, several varieties of vanilla, Mocha, Pistachio and an almond variety I can’t recall the name.

This ice cream is made in small batches and is of incredible quality. The two scoops I had were Espresso Bean and Tiramisu in a waffle cone. With teensy bites of bean in the Espresso and a smooth, velvety texture on the tongue from the Tiramisu, it was like being in heaven for the 20 minutes or so it took to gobble it down.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend you stop by and have a taste for yourself!

Right now they have an incomplete website, but you can sign up for an update when they finally get it together. Perhaps you’ll hear the bells and find the calling to have a few more scoops this week!

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  1. Enjoyed this one, and it made me laugh, thinking of how my sister (with her four kids) calls the ice cream man "spawn of Satan." LOL!

    You can find more of her mom-isms on the Front Porch at

    Thanks for the smile. :)